Welcome to the Araki-ryū Gunyō Kogusoku U.K. Shibu Dōjō website.

We are a small dōjō training in koryū bujutsu (Classical Japanese martial arts trained by the Samurai) in Chelsea, London.

At the Araki-ryū Gunyō Kogusoku U.K. Shibu Dōjō, we train in the tradition of Araki-ryū which teaches the following martial disciplines: Iaijutsu, kenjutsu, bōjutsu, sōjutsu (spearmanship), nagamakijutsu (halberdry), torite (unarmed combat) and several other disciplines. We train under the auspices of Hidaritomo Shuzo shihan of the Shinkenkai at the Shōtoku Taishido Dōjō in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Classes are taught by Stephen Delaney, who has been a member of Araki-ryu since 1997. He was given permission to teach this tradition in 2011 by Hidaritomo Shuzo shihan, the dōjōchō of the Matsuo Shōtoku Taishido Dōjō.

There are several different lines of Araki-ryū extant in Japan. We are loosely related to the Isezaki line of Araki-ryū kempō, sharing similar technologies, however, we are in no way related to the Araki Mujinsai-ryū based in Himeji, Japan.

This site is still under development. Please be patient.

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